Psychology Today: Dr James Davies describes the harmfulness of psychiatry

CEP co-founder Dr James Davies was interviewed by Dr Eric Maisel in Psychology Today about the harmfulness of psychiatry: “If [people] really knew the facts, they would think again, or at the very least, make more informed choices… diagnostic manuals resting on no solid empirical foundations; the safety and efficacy of drugs being grossly overstated; unrestrained […]

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Call for independent review of use of Prozac to treat depressed children

Jerome Burne, a freelance health journalist who writes regularly for the Daily Mail, has called for an independent review of the use of Prozac to treat depressed children.  In an article for the online blog HealthInsightUK Burne cites a study which shows that the proportion of suicidal events among children taking Prozac was more than three times greater than […]

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CEP co-founder Luke Montagu gives talk at BMA meeting on prescribed drug dependence

Talk given by Luke Montagu at BMA meeting on prescribed drug dependence on 25 February 2016: Seven years ago I was an entrepreneur running a group of film businesses, which included the UK’s largest film school as well as film production & post-production companies. But I was worried by the prescription drugs I was taking […]

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British Medical Association commits to various actions to tackle prescribed drug dependence

The British Medical Association held a meeting on 25 February to agree actions required to tackle prescribed drug dependence, covering benzodiazepines, z-drugs, antidepressants and opiate painkillers.  This follows the BMA’s request for evidence on this issue in 2014, which led to the publication of their analysis report last year. The meeting was chaired by Baroness Hollins and included […]

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Wife of CEP co-founder talks to Mail on Sunday about his dependence on prescribed drugs

Julie Montagu, wife of Luke Montagu the co-founder of CEP, is interviewed in the Mail on Sunday today about his horrifying experience withdrawing from an antidepressant and sleeping pill.

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New study shows disability claims for mental disorders in UK have doubled over past 20 years

A new paper by Sebastiao Viola and Joanna Moncrieff in the British Journal of Psychiatry shows that disability claims for mental disorders in the UK rose from 572,000 claims in 1995 to 1,162,000 claims in 2014.  Of the claims in 2014, over 44% were for depressive disorders while 23% were for anxiety and other neurotic disorders.  This […]

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Review of CEP conference ‘More Harm than Good’ in latest Human Givens Journal

The new issue of the Human Givens Journal includes a comprehensive review of CEP’s conference last year entitled ‘More Harm than Good: Confronting the Psychiatric Medication Epidemic’. In addition, the journal contains an article which covers the recent BMA report on prescribed drug dependence, for which CEP contributed evidence. Both articles can be downloaded via […]

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CEP welcomes report by the BMA on prescribed drug dependence

The Council for Evidence-based Psychiatry welcomes the publication of the analysis report by the BMA’s Board of Science, titled ‘Prescribed drugs associated with dependence and withdrawal – building a consensus for action’, which can be viewed here. The report analyses evidence submissions from a variety of stakeholders, including CEP, patient groups and medical bodies such as the […]

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Short videos of talks from psychiatric drug harm conference now available

CEP has now published individual videos of each to the talks given at the recent conference ‘More Harm than Good’ on psychiatric drug harm.  These have been professionally edited, with improved sound and multiple camera angles. They can be seen on our YouTube channel at: The individual talks are: Dr James Davies: The Origins of […]

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Fluoxetine / sertraline / mirtazapine / citalopram: new withdrawal survey

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS SURVEY IS NOW CLOSED – THANK YOU FOR YOU HELP! CEP is pleased to support a new research project undertaken by a prominent UK university which will assess the impact of withdrawal from four common antidepressants: fluoxetine (Prozac), sertraline (Zoloft, Lustral), mirtazapine (Remeron, Zispin) and citalopam (Cipramil, Celexa). The researchers have […]

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