Major national newspaper looking for patient stories of drug withdrawal

A major national newspaper is looking for people living in the UK willing to share recent stories of negative effects while trying to withdraw from benzodiazepines, antidepressants and / or opioid painkillers.

The newspaper is particularly looking for recent stories from those who experienced one or more of the following:

  • You were prescribed the drugs for longer than you should have been
  • You tried repeatedly to withdraw without support
  • Your doctor was unable or unwilling to help with withdrawal
  • You were told to go cold turkey by your doctor
  • You eventually managed to withdraw but only with support from a charity or online forum or Facebook
  • You were sent to traditional drug and alcohol services but discovered these were inappropriate
  • You were told that your symptoms were due to a disorder and not the drug withdrawal

The newspaper is also looking for stories from family members / partners who provided support during withdrawal, as well as from bereaved families where patients were driven to suicide because of intolerable symptoms.

Ideally, you would be willing to be named and photographed for the paper.  Interviews will be handled sensitively and will be conducted by journalists who have experience in this area.

If you are interested, please send a short version of your story as well as contact details to and we will forward to the newspaper.

CEP is keen to support this initiative as part of our effort to lobby for appropriate withdrawal services, including a national helpline.  Your help is appreciated!

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  1. Melanie Davis 03/03/2017 at 10:07 am #

    I will let members of REST at Mind in Camden know as some of them may be interested.

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