CEP is looking for individuals in the UK who are willing to talk to the media about prescribed drug dependence

We anticipate that there will be significant media coverage next week around the issue of prescribed drug dependence and withdrawal.

We are therefore looking for individuals who have had a negative experience withdrawing from benzodiazepines, z-drugs, gaba-ergic drugs (e.g. neurontin), opioids or antidepressants who would be prepared to tell their story to the media, including on television.  Personal stories can have tremendous impact by spreading awareness and warning others of the possible consequences of prescribed drug dependence.

If you are prepared to tell your story then please get in touch by emailing admin@cepuk.org with your contact details and a short sentence about your experience.

Thank you in advance!

2 Responses to CEP is looking for individuals in the UK who are willing to talk to the media about prescribed drug dependence

  1. Sandra Villarreal 21/01/2018 at 1:53 am #

    It’s unfortunate you’re unable to accept personal stories from USA by those who’s lives have been destroyed by psychiatric drugs. I was prescribed them for 35 years barely living through it. But God Bless you for your dedication in exposing the truth about them in UK. Dr. Breggin recently asked if we could sum up ‘psychiatric drugs in one word’. That was the easiest question I’ve answered in the 62 years on this planet – GENOCIDE.

  2. kim haugen 21/01/2018 at 11:38 am #

    I live in the U.S. alao. I was polydrugged beginning in 02. I first experienced a serious adverse reaction to an antidepressant. It was abruptly discontinued. Withdrawal symptoms were mistaken as newly emerging or worsening psychiatric symptoms. More meds were prescrebide leading to more side effects and more meds. At one point i was on 8 psych meds total, including 3 benzodiazepines, each of them prescribed by dr’s to be taken concurrently ( all originating from a situational episode of depression and 1 anti_depressant). I experienced a myriad of psychological, physical, neurological and cognitive symptoms from side effects, drug interactions, dependence, interdose withdrawal and toxicity in which was so severe it resulted in an end of employment in Dec ’05. I had been employed for 18 years prior. I filed for disability and Dr’s began to abruptly discontinue meds which began a series of a new emergence of unbearable, horrific and debilitating symptoms, including a seizure disorder that was non existent prior to the abrupt discontinuation off the benzodiazepines. It is 2018 and although some of my symptoms have improved, i am still no longer able to work and continue to experience debilitating psychological, physical, neurological and cognitive symptoms as a result of long term use of numerous psych meds, toxicity, and withdrawal.

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