The Chair of the Petitions Committee is looking for people in Wales to tell their stories of prescribed drug dependence

The Chair of the Petitions Committee, David Rowlands AM, has requested written evidence from people in Wales about their experience of Prescribed Drug Dependence and their opinions on what support services there are on offer and what could be improved.  His letter states:

“The Committee has agreed to seek the views and experiences of people affected by this issue in Wales. We would be particularly interested in views in relation to the following:

  1. Your experience of prescribed drug dependence and withdrawal.
  1. What support services are available to people experiencing prescribed drug dependence and withdrawal, particularly in Wales, and whether these are sufficient?
  1. The extent to which prescribed drug dependence and withdrawal is a recognised issue amongst health professionals and the general public.
  1. Any actions that can be taken to improve the experience of those affected by prescribed drug dependence and withdrawal, including in terms of prevention, management and support.

We would welcome views be sent to by 16 March 2018.”

The full text of the letter and the petition can be read here:

English –

Welsh –

One Response to The Chair of the Petitions Committee is looking for people in Wales to tell their stories of prescribed drug dependence

  1. Alexandra Cebollero 22/02/2018 at 2:11 pm #

    Suffering severely at 25 years old in the US. Withdrawals from Abilify, Resperidone, Zyprexa— put on these antipsychs because prescribed Klonipin and left with incredible insomnia and severe agitation and rage reactions from thevKlonupin. In the er forced ct from klonipin and dosed with Haldol and polydrugged against my will. Medically kidnapped by Psychiatry and forced injections of Haldol and the list of antipsychotics above mentioned in separate forced hosputalizations. Original reason for er visit- trauma from a rape! Police handled my case terribly taking a 17 year old in the middle of the night to the scene of the crime where I was taken my students and an adult out of my home town. I was traumatized then, now all my trauma came from horrific abuse by the psychiatric community. Put on anti depressants and Prozac which immeadiately made me have psychosis from the drug prescribed!!! My physical and mental adverse reaction ignored and I was brought to an er that sent my to a psych ward where they isolated me and hit up a 17 year old rape victim on thorazine! My body reacted to the poison and they sent me to the pediatric part of the hospital emergency room where they struggled to stablize me at Westchester Hospital in NY. After discharge my family did not realize I was being poisoned brought me to a osychiatrist for rape support counseling and he dosed me causing another hortendous reaction which brought me back to the er and put in psych hospital and drugged and physically and sexually abused at Four Winds in upstate NY. My mother was desperately trying to get me out and got a lawyer that got me out. I was dosed repeatedly by a psychiatrist- DrcSingh after that thru out high school by this doctor. He is a menace! My story is a horrific tale of a young girl assaulted and torn into pieces by the system and Big Pharma. I am now suffering from akathesia, tardive dyskinesia, dystonia from withdrawals from the above mentioned drugs prescribed and forced on me in hospitals! Psychiatrists constantly hiding the fact that I have been systfmatically brain damaged and poisoned by these drugs. I am living a nightmare of protracted withdrawal, spiraling me into debilitating tardive psychosis in waves and akathesia and dystonia. I am trying to heal and it is a nightmare. I can’t function as I did. I was in my Senior year at college and I am left without help from the Medical Profession except told- stay away from Psychiatrists!

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