CEP co-founder Luke Montagu tells his story in the Daily Mail

The Daily Mail has today published an article written by Luke Montagu, co-founder of CEP, which describes his horrifying experience withdrawing from antidepressants and sleeping pills.  The article can be seen here:


The article is adapted from a chapter written by Montagu for a forthcoming book ‘The Sedated Society: The Causes and Harms of our Psychiatric Drug Epidemic’ which includes contributions from several CEP members.  More information on The Sedated Society can be found here:



4 Responses to CEP co-founder Luke Montagu tells his story in the Daily Mail

  1. Catherine Clarke 01/02/2017 at 10:56 am #

    The BMA fail to acknowledge antipsychotic drugs cause dependency. When people are not able to metabolise psychiatric drugs efficiently, this results in toxicity which show as side effects. The side effects are neurotoxic and mimic symptoms which the patients went for help the first place. Withdrawing from any psychiatric drugs can cause similar effects. Neuro toxic side effects include mania, psychosis, akathisia, suicide and homicide which are identifiable prior to being prescribed antidepressants. A simple & cheap genotyping test up front is all at is required to protect vulnerable people who have genetic variations. When this is rolled out the decrease, as opposed to the current increase, in mental health conditions and SMI diagnosis will be the order of the day. Considerable costly savings will benefit the NHS. The only people to loose out financially are the drug companies.

  2. kiwi 04/02/2017 at 8:36 pm #

    So pleased your were able to get this story into the newspapers.

    Did anyone click on the internet link and watch and listen to that NHS video attached to LM’s story…I thought that it was very disappointing to have to listen to that so called doctor J Hague talk about what can only be summed up as the chemical imbalance theory covertly presented. It undermined the whole article. I guess its the usual story pharma pays the bills so they have the last (‘alternative facts’) word right?

    Thank you Luke for all you do.

    • Phil Braithwaite 06/02/2017 at 7:22 am #

      I`m glad I didn`t see the video since I know first hand as a carer of my husband damaged in the same way as Luke but with a 3 week withdrawal (this has caused him to have PAWS -protracted acute withdrawal syndrome )about denial by those responsible. And the Trust where the doctors work who caused my husband`s suffering(he is now housebound and in his 22nd month of a reinstated withdrawal) are continually challenging my complaint. It is horrendous that there are still a lot of ignorant doctors and worse still is the lack of support for involuntary benzo prescription withdrawal addicts . Injustices occurr daily and the emotional,social,economic costs are nicalculable

  3. Mrs GILLIAN M ROWLES 30/08/2018 at 7:14 pm #

    I have had a similar experience as I was put on lorazepam some years ago and now my current doctor has insisted I come off them. My poor husband who is 80 and myself 70 want to be left in peace. In twelve weeks I have halved the dose and feel my life not worth living. I have told my doctor how I feel and the pharmaceutical company is to blame not me but doctors are not concerned with this. How can I get some help.Ifeel like getting compensation for the wasted years.

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