BBC Radio 5 live Investigates needs antidepressant case studies

BBC Radio 5 live Investigates is looking for UK residents who are prepared to talk about antidepressants for a programme this weekend.

In particular, the programme is seeking individuals with the following experiences:

  • those who are put on antidepressants and remain on them due to having little or no contact with their GP; perhaps they are just getting repeat prescriptions without any real check-ins or reviews with their GP to see if they need them
  • those who have a mild-moderate depression initially but are advised to go onto antidepressants when a talking therapy might be the best solution, perhaps because there is too long a wait for talking therapies, and end up on the drug for years
  • those who have a sense of fear and dependence on the drug, and when they try to come off they get worse (because of withdrawal); this becomes an unbreakable cycle, taking something for years that they might never have needed.  Perhaps after years they break out of this loop but end up suffering terrible withdrawal effects.

If you are willing to talk about any of these issues, either because of personal experience or because of a family member, please contact asap.


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