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CEP calls for UK Sunshine Act to highlight payments made to doctors

Today the Council for Evidence-Based Psychiatry calls for the implementation of a UK Sunshine Act to make transparent the financial relationships between doctors and pharmaceutical companies & the makers of medical devices. It would be similar to the The Physician Payments Sunshine Act in the United States which was implemented by the Obama administration August 2013, and […]

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Dr James Davies and Prof John Read respond to Mental Elf critique

We thank Hayes and Jauhar for blogging about our recently published systematic review about withdrawal from antidepressants thereby keeping the spotlight on a vitally important issue impacting millions of people around the world. After decades of silence and minimisation any discussion that maintains public attention is invaluable. We now invite them to do what is […]

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Millions at risk from antidepressant withdrawal, new review by CEP members concludes

The Journal of Addictive Behaviors has today published a new systematic review which shows that antidepressant withdrawal is much more widespread, severe and long-lasting than indicated by current guidelines, with millions of antidepressant users in the U.K. potentially affected. ‘A Systematic Review into the Incidence, Severity and Duration of Antidepressant Withdrawal Effects: Are Guidelines Evidence-Based?’ was undertaken by CEP members […]

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Patients, academics and psychiatrists formally complain that the president of Royal College of Psychiatrists has misled the public over antidepressant safety

A formal complaint of misleading the public on a matter of public safety has today been lodged with the Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCP) against its President, Professor Wendy Burn, and the Chair of its Psychopharmacology Committee, Professor David Baldwin. Burn and Baldwin stated, in a letter to The Times on 24 February, that: ‘[for] […]

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The Royal College of Psychiatrists challenged over burying of inconvenient antidepressant data

The following letter was sent, by email, at 2.26pm today: To: Professor Wendy Burn, President – Royal College of Psychiatrists; Professor David Baldwin, Chair, Psychopharmacology Committee – Royal College of Psychiatrists. February 28, 2018 Dear Professors Burn and Baldwin On 24.2.2018 The Times published a letter signed by you, in your capacities as President, and […]

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Dr James Davies interviewed in BBC documentary ‘Health’

Dr James Davis, co-founder of CEP, is interviewed in this new documentary by the BBC which investigates the deals struck between health professionals and pharmaceutical companies.

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The Daily Telegraph and Mail Online: Dr James Davies says quiz used to diagnose depression is designed by Pfizer

Dr James Davies is interviewed today in The Daily Telegraph about a questionnaire used by doctors to diagnose depression and anxiety in the UK. “These forms have a very low criteria for anxiety and depression’” says Davies.  “Millions of people have filled them and in and got medication, but did they know they were developed by […]

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The Daily Mail backs APPG and BMA call for national prescribed drug helpline

The Daily Mail has today joined the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Prescribed Drug Dependence and the BMA in their call for a national helpline to help patients seeking to withdraw from benzodiazepines, antidepressants and opioid painkillers. The paper has published two articles on the topic:  

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Psychology Today: Dr James Davies describes the harmfulness of psychiatry

CEP co-founder Dr James Davies was interviewed by Dr Eric Maisel in Psychology Today about the harmfulness of psychiatry: “If [people] really knew the facts, they would think again, or at the very least, make more informed choices… diagnostic manuals resting on no solid empirical foundations; the safety and efficacy of drugs being grossly overstated; unrestrained […]

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Call for independent review of use of Prozac to treat depressed children

Jerome Burne, a freelance health journalist who writes regularly for the Daily Mail, has called for an independent review of the use of Prozac to treat depressed children.  In an article for the online blog HealthInsightUK Burne cites a study which shows that the proportion of suicidal events among children taking Prozac was more than three times greater than […]

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