In line with its mission, CEP is currently focused on the following activities:

  • Working with withdrawal charities and public bodies to lobby for the mandatory provision of nationwide services and appropriate protocols to support individuals looking to withdraw from psychiatric┬ámedications, especially benzodiazepines, antidepressants and painkillers
  • Identifying gaps in the research regarding the long-term use of psychiatric drugs, in particular antidepressants, with a view to initiating new research projects in these areas
  • Lobbying government to improve oversight of the relationship between the pharmaceutical industry, doctors and the regulatory agencies
  • Developing a website which collates the latest evidence of the harm caused by psychiatric drugs and treatments, and presents this in an engaging and accessible fashion for patients, medical students, the media, policymakers and practitioners
  • Organising events and seminars to present the evidence of harm to policymakers, practitioners and other stakeholders and to encourage greater collaboration between organisations and individuals concerned with this issue
  • Engaging with medical bodies, including the BMA, the Royal Colleges and universities, to encourage greatly improved training of doctors, graduates and other practitioners in order to reduce the harm caused by psychiatric drugs and diagnoses, while promoting alternatives to the medical model
  • Working with the media to ensure ongoing reporting of these issues, and to maintain pressure upon politicians and public bodies to bring about the necessary changes


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