Dr James Davies interviewed in The Psychiatric Bulletin

Dr James Davies is interviewed about the problems with modern psychiatry in the Royal College of Psychiatrist’s publication, The Psychiatric Bulletin. He is interviewed by Neil Armstrong, Honorary Fellow, Dept of Psychiatry, University of Oxford.


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  1. Greg White 09/04/2014 at 8:39 pm #

    Dr.Davies is one of the growing number of practicing psychiatrists ‘coming out’ exposing the chicanery of conventional medical response to so-called modern psychopathology.
    He is the first though to my mind to own that (a)standard medications in the middle and long term confuse everybody, not least the patient and (b) that psychiatric promotion of anti- stigma campaigns are often disingenuous, have much more to do with promoting ‘business as usual’ than disseminating useful knowledge and alternatives.
    Exciting contemporary innovations in mental health liberation lobbies by whistle- blowing patients, point to a two dimensional paradigm,recovery and discovery. The recovery aspect has to do with putting enough emotional/physical distance between the top down status quo and oneself, the discovery aspect, the level of personal self-betrayal and the level of collaboration with that by conventional
    physicians and often significant others.
    Its surely axiomatic therefore that physicians who have so little time for the patients today-as Dr Davies suggests- will have plenty of time to rue that in the not-too- distant future.

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